CSS Module list

The complete list of supported CSS modules

Supported CSS module list (25)
AnimationsWorking draftFeb. 19 2013Spec
Background and BordersCandidate recommondationSep. 09 2014Spec
Basic Box ModelWorking draftAug. 09 2007Spec
Basic User InterfaceWorking draftApr. 09 2015Spec
ColorRecommendationJun. 07 2011Spec
N/AN/AAug. 26 2014Spec
FontsWorking draftOct. 04 2011Spec
Generated and Replaced ContentWorking draftMay. 14 2003Spec
Grid LayoutWorking draftMar. 22 2012Spec
CSS 2Working draftNov. 29 2011Spec
Lists and CountersWorking draftMay. 24 2011Spec
Multi-column LayoutCandidate recommondationApr. 12 2011Spec
NamespacesRecommendationSep. 29 2011Spec
Paged MediaWorking draftOct. 10 2006Spec
RubyWorking draftJun. 30 2011Spec
SpeechWorking draftMar. 20 2012Spec
SVGRecommendationAug. 16 2011Spec
SyntaxWorking draftAug. 13 2003Spec
TextWorking draftOct. 10 2013Spec
TransitionsWorking draftJan. 01 0001Spec
ValuesWorking draftSep. 06 2011Spec
MozillaN/AFeb. 23 2012Spec
MicrosoftN/AFeb. 23 2012Spec
OperaN/AFeb. 23 2012Spec
WebkitN/AFeb. 23 2012Spec

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